A Birthday Treat

Anal, bisexual

I strolled into the hotel lobby and looked around. John was no where to
be seen.

“Hmmm, now where is he?” I muttered to myself.

It was my forty sixth birthday that day, and I wasn’t feeling too great
about it. I was sure I detected more lines on my face that morning.

To help lift my spirits, my husband had suggested that he take me out
for lunch, so we had arranged to meet in the lobby of the Tiffany Hotel,
before going into their excellent restaurant.

As I stood there, John was sat in the far corner of the lounge. He was
observing me from behind a pillar. He liked what he saw; I was wearing a
red woollen dress which clung to my ample curves. My long, dark wavy
hair fell loosely around my shoulders.

He began to feel a stirring, he knew what that hair looked like against
my pale skin. In his memory, he could smell my perfume and feel my soft
lips pressing against his. But today was not to be about his desires. It
was all about mine…..

Just as I was starting to get a little irritated at John’s absence, a
bell boy came up to me and handed me an envelope. Inside it was a room
key-card and a note;

*/For once in your life, just do as you are instructed. /*

*/Room 324 /*

A slow smile crept across my face. What was he up to?

John had a mischievous streak which was rarely noticed by most people.
He always appeared to be such a respectable business man these days, not
many people knew about the fun he used to get up to during his days in
the military.

I thought back to the early days when we had to meet in secret. At that
time were both married to others and were very unhappy. We had found
each other through an erotic literature website. We had spent hours
chatting to each other on-line, exploring each others minds, discussing
fantasies and desires, unrestricted and free to express our innermost
thoughts. We eventually met, and although we tried at first to fight it,
we fell in love.

Thinking of those early secret meetings, my mind wandered to a time when
we had met in a very similar hotel to this. We had managed to find just
a couple of hours to meet up during the day. That day we had sat in the
hotel lounge, me with a hot chocolate, him with a coffee. As I recall, I
leant forward to pick up my cup from the low table in front of us, and
the hand that had been d****d around my shoulders, suddenly slipped down
the back of the jeans I was wearing.

I remember being frozen to the spot, stifling a gasp as I felt his
fingers exploring my behind, and then slipping further down and
underneath me until he found my hot wet pussy. He then slipped two
fingers inside me and smiled at me as I began to wiggle and pleasure
myself on the intrusion.

This event was made even more bizarre by the presence of two elderly
ladies sat right in front of us, enjoying afternoon tea. They smiled and
nodded at me, wondering what the joke was about, I just grinned and
giggled, loving the naughtiness of it.

That was six years ago, and now happily married to each other, we still
liked to play games. So I took the key-card and headed for the room.

I opened the door of a small suite to find a trail of rose petals
leading to the bedroom and on the bed was another note.

*/Dial 221 and wait. /*

I dialled 221 as instructed. The phone rang out three times, there was a
click, and then the phone went dead, so I waited…..

After a short while, there was a firm knock at the door. I walked over
and opened the door and in front of me stood a truly beautiful young
woman. She was petite, five foot three inches, with long dark blond
hair. She was carrying a small black suitcase. She gave me a wide,
bright smile. She stepped forward, placed her free hand on my breast,
leant in and kissed me.

My mind started to reel as a pulse of exquisite pleasure surged from my
lips to my breast and down. Her kiss took my breath away, so sweet and
soft, her lips yielding to my lips. Breaking off the kiss, she grabbed
my hand and pushed past me, letting the door close behind her.
Astonished, I let her lead me to the bedroom.

“Just sit yourself down there,” she instructed. “It’s okay, John sent me
to prepare you for later.” She winked at me. “I am a little present. He
thought you might like to play with for a while.”

A huge smile came across my face. Oh wow, what a guy I married! He knew
I was bi-curious, and how much I had always wanted to play with a girl.

“He said he will join you later. Oh, and by the way, my name is Hazel.”

I just sat there grinning from ear to ear, staring at this woman as she
started to unpack the case. She started by pulling out a bottle of
scented oil and some tealights. She turned the lights in the room down,
so there was just a small lamp on in the corner, then placed the lights
around the room and lit them. Then she went into the bathroom and
started running the taps of the large bath tub, she put some of the oil
in and then returned to me in the bedroom.

“Right then my love, slip out of those clothes, time for a bath.”

I did as she said, and as I started to undress, she started to undress
herself too. She looked so delicious in the candle light. I could not
resist so I went over to her, pushed her long hair to one side and
started to slowly unzip her dress.

I exposed the first couple of inches of her flesh, eased the down the
top of her dress and kissed her bare shoulder. She moaned quietly and
leaned back towards me. I continued to pull the zip downwards to her
waist, past her hips and then just to the top of the crease of her
beautiful pert bottom.

She wriggled her way out of the dress and allowed it to fall to the
floor, helped me out of my clothes, and soon we were stood facing each
other, naked in the candle light. I drank the vision of her in,
beautiful pert C cup breasts, balancing generous hips with just a slight
curve over her tummy. Her shaved pubic area exposing the delicate pink
line of her lips.

I stepped closer and kissed her, our breasts touched gently. Carried
away by the sensation, I pressed closer to her and tried to kiss her
with a greater passion, but gently she pushed me back, took hold of my
hand, and with seductive grace stepped into the bath.

I climbed in after her and sat in front, between her legs with my back
to her. The hot water enveloped me and the scent of the oils swirled
around my head, heightening my already tingling senses.

I could feel her silky soft thighs against my hips and her breasts
pressing against my back. Her hand reached round to cup my breast and
she started to kiss the back of my neck. Her other hand started to move
across my stomach and down, exploring until she found my swollen clit,
waiting and ready for her touch. I started to moan as she stroked me.

“That's it, relax and enjoy, I am here purely for your pleasure,” she
whispered in my ear.

As her fingers and tongue worked their magic, I closed my eyes and fell
under her command, submitting to the exquisite pleasure. Feeling my
orgasm rising, I started to tense in anticipation of my release.

“Oh no, you cannot come yet.” Hazel giggled, and she stopped stroking.
“Now I want you to get out. Don't do anything, just stand and leave
everything to me.”

Recalling John’s instructions to obey, I resisted my usual impulse the
take control and I did as she instructed. Hazel took a towel and wrapped
it around her dripping body and then she took another, and started to
gently pat me dry.

On her knees, she continued to dry my legs with the towel. She leant
closer and with her hand eased my legs gently apart. I could feel her
hot breath against my thigh, getting closer to the place I had always
dreamt of being licked by a woman.

A chill ran through me but it wasn't from the cold, I was tingling all
over with anticipation. Feeling that my knees were about to give way, I
steadied myself by placing my hands on her head. Then her tongue just
grazed the lips of my pussy, using her fingers to part my folds, and her
tongue soon found its target.

The sensation of pure, exquisite pleasure radiated out from between my
legs. I leant against the wall, eyes closed, all thought absent from my
mind. My whole being was consumed by the pleasure of her tongue. Dipping
her tongue deep inside my pussy, then lapping at my clit, circling it,
teasing and sucking.

I came. I came so hard my knees buckled and I slid down the wall and
landed on my bum. I barely felt myself land, as waves of pleasure and
spasm took hold of my body. Hazel had collapsed back and just sat
looking at me with a very satisfied grin. After taking a moment to
recover, I grinned back, and then I crawled towards her.

She was sitting on the floor leaning back on her hands, her knees apart
and I could see her glistening slit waiting for me. I wanted to lap from
her, taste her sweet juices, so I lay flat on the floor and wrapped my
arms under her thighs.

My extreme state of arousal had my nipples rock hard, and as I licked
and sucked on her clit, they rubbed on the cold tile, sending sharp
pulses across my body. Hazel grabbed my hair and started to rock her
hips as she showed her appreciation for my new found skill.

She let out a low guttural sound as she came, lifting her bum off the
floor, her juices flowing over my hungry lips and down my chin. As she
came, I inserted three fingers inside of her, giving her pussy something
to spasm against.

We both lay on the cold floor panting and shaking. After a short while
Hazel got up and grabbed my hand, helping me up.

“Come on, I’m not finished with you yet.”

I followed her back into the bedroom. I sat on a chair in the corner of
the room and watched her pull more items out of the case. Two long silk
ties, a blindfold, a bottle of lube, a bright pink love egg and a ruby
red lipstick.

“Okay, now I want you to come to the bed and lie on your front.”

I did as she told me.

“Right then, hands above your head.”

I obeyed.

She then tied each of my wrists firmly with the silk ties, and then tied
the other end with a generous loop to the tall bed posts. This meant I
couldn’t go far but I did have a little movement.

She then placed the blind fold over my eyes.

“On your knees,” she commanded.

By this point I was enjoying this feeling of domination by this cute
whirlwind of a woman, so I did not hesitate to do as she demanded.

Using her hands, she guided me into the position she wanted. I was
resting on my elbows, knees wide apart so my back was level. She then
inserted the vibrating egg deep inside my still soaking wet pussy. It
slid in with ease, filling me and putting a very satisfying pressure on
my G-spot.

I started to sway with the pleasure.

‘Thwack!’ A hot sharp shot of pain as Hazel slapped my bare behind.

“Now you can stop that right now, I want you still,” she said.

I stifled a giggle, a little uncertain, but so deliriously turned on, I
stopped moving and remained still. Hazel then proceeded to take the
lipstick and she wrote two words on my back with it, I then realised
that she was drawing an arrow straight to the hole of my anus!

She stood back, admiring her handy work. “Oooops, nearly forgot!” She
grabbed the lube and gently placed it on my back. “There…. Perfect!”

I then listened as I heard her pick up the telephone, dial three numbers
and wait.

“Hello, John?….Yes, she’s ready for you now.”

She put the receiver down, gathered up her things, and threw a robe on.
Finally she came to the head of the bed and gave me a sweet, lingering kiss.

“See ya!” she chirped as she walked out of the door, closing it firmly
behind her.

There I was, alone in the silence, kneeling and tethered to the bed,
blindfolded and wanton. I just remained where I was, staying as still as
I could, trying not to giggle so the lube wouldn’t fall off my back!
This wasn't easy with the memory of Hazel fresh in my mind, and the egg
sending delicious sensations through my body.

After a short while I heard the door open. “Oh goody,” I thought,
“John’s here.”

I could hear the scuffing of his feet as he walked into the bedroom. I
couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something didn’t quite sound
right. What was going on?

John walked silently to the side of the bed, he leant down and saying
nothing, he kissed my lips, a sweet familiar touch with so much love.

He lifted the lube from my back. I relaxed a little, finally being able
to move.

I heard the ruffling of clothes being removed, then the familiar feel of
John’s hands caressing my breasts. Starting at my shoulder blades, he
started licking and kissing his way down the length of my back, all the
way to my round bottom that was waiting for him.

He parted my cheeks gently and began to circle my tight hole with his
tongue, teasing, pressing, and then circling it again. His fingers, so
expertly stroking my clit, lubricated by the juices that were now
dripping from my swollen pussy.

“Great to see that you did as you were told,” he murmured. “Do you like
your new toy?”

“Mmmm, yes very much,” I replied.

The egg was still vibrating inside me. John pulled it out and I moaned,
feeling suddenly very empty.

John then glanced at the arrow and the words written on my back.

*Insert here! *

“Mmmm, well I suppose I had better do as I’m instructed,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, pressing back towards him, needing to feel him inside
me. “Hazel is one very bossy lady!”

I then heard a quiet laugh from the corner of the room.

“I think that perhaps I had better do as Hazel has instructed,” came a
very deep, mellow voice. “After all, she is my wife and I know better
than to defy her!”

I heard John laugh, as he saw the shock and delight on my face.

There was another man in here with us!

John took control. He slid under me, guiding me so I straddled him. I
felt the gloriously familiar feel of his beautiful, very satisfyingly
sized cock as he entered me.

I then felt the large hands of the other man on my hips as he steadied
me. I had enjoyed the delights of anal before, but never while having my
pussy filled at the same time.

I was trapped and I couldn’t get out of this even if I had the slightest
inclination to do so. The loss of my control, movement and sight was
heightening all my remaining senses. I could feel the slightest touch,
hear even the breath of the stranger as he slid his cock up and down my
crack, smearing the lube and mixing it with my juices now flowing
uncontrollably from my pussy.

John tore away my blind fold; he wanted to see my whole face as both he
and the stranger pleasured me, while they filled me completely. I cried
out with a mixture of pleasure and pain as the man behind me pressed his
cock into my tight hole, and started to slowly but purposefully slide in
and out of me.

Matching John stroke for stroke, the two men played me like an
instrument. John stared into my eyes, reading my face, like a conductor
reading sheet music. He knew me well enough to read the signs when I
wanted them to move faster or slower.

I was completely out of control. My wrists and shoulders tight,
straining against the ties, John underneath me holding my body, slamming
his cock hard into me and the stranger, his grip, vice-like on my hips
with his cock buried deep into my rear.

When my orgasm came it was like a volcanic eruption, coming from deep
down within me, my whole body convulsing, my head delirious with the
orgasmic rush. I cried out like a wild a****l and as I did, the stranger
withdrew from me and shot his hot semen onto my back, letting out a low
guttural moan as he did so.

John gazed up at me, his beautiful face a picture of peaceful satisfaction.

“Happy birthday my darling,” he whispered as he gave me two more swift
strokes of his cock.

Then, slamming into me one last time, he held himself deep inside me as
he came, flooding my still quivering pussy with his seed.